Do you shop at Hannaford grocery store? Here is an easy way to support the HSPA without spending additional money. You pre-pay for groceries, and Hannaford gives us back 5% of all spending. Last year dozens of families raised more than $4,000 for the HSPA. To sign up, please download the form.


Here’s how it works:
1. You drop a check for any amount (up to $500) in the HSPA mailbox each month (or whichever months you choose to participate).
2. We transfer that money to your Hannaford Gift Card (provided to you when you sign up).
3. You use your gift card when you shop at Hannaford.

It’s that simple. There is nothing to lose.

If you would like to participate, drop the form (initial month only) and your check made out to HSPA in the HSPA mailbox in the CEHS office by 1:00pm on any or all of the dates below:

Hannaford gift card orders (checks) are due by the following dates:
2018:  September 26,  October 24,  November 14,  December 12
2019: January 16,  February 13,  March 13,  April 10,  May 8,  June 5

For your convenience, we are happy to collect several checks in advance for continued monthly participation. Simply write all your checks at once, dated with the due date, and we will keep them on file to use throughout the year.

If you are already participating in the program, please check your card balances to make sure they can accommodate your new payment (maximum card balance is $500).

For questions or more information, please email Michele Frost.